International Art project


Russia, lake Baikal, Olkhon island, Khuzhir village

phone in Irkutsk (Russia)


June-August 2019

Terms and Conditions of participation

• The Project will accept professional artists working in the field of artistic ceramics, 10 artists from around the world;
• Artists, willing to take part in this project should go through a competition (please read information below).
• Participants of the Symposium will work use electric muffle and gas kilns. The size of bisque chamber: 40х38х38cm. Gas kiln size is: 40cm in diameter and 40cm in height. We offer the following technologies: raku firing, reduction firing, obvara (scalding) firing, and barrel pit raku firing (Shaitan Barrel), and electric firing for 1220 works of small size from porcelain and stoneware (depends on electricity in Khuzir). 
• The Participants should leave one exhibition work not less than 80 cm high (compound or assembled, maximum size of the modules is defined by the size of firing chambers), or it may be a lying composition from several part with general size of 80 cm.
• The works, given by the Participants  to the Project’s Collection will be shown at exhibitions included into the list of the Project’s events in 2019 and later, as well as at other exhibitions organized and planned by the Project.
• The Participant should bring or create on site a small work of art for the Gift Pool, we will present our partners with these works.
• Also the professional artists who will pass the contest, but don’t get into the list of ten Participants – still can take part in the Project.
Hereinafter this Project will be called “Baikal – CeraMystica. The Residence”. In this case the participant bears all expenses.
• Also there will be the fourth nation-wide educational-artistic plain-air “Baikal – CeraMystica. The University”, for all students of artistic colleges in the specialty “Ceramic Art” and “Applied and Decorative Arts”. The participants are chosen on the basis of a competition, the participant bears all expenses.
• All Participants will work in the mobile studio facility in big tents. Each participant will have her/his own space for work: about 1 sq. meter of tabletop space and a chair. All participants will share one table for drying and glazing.
• The Participants of the Project should make any kind of video or photo presentation about their work and, optionally, on any topic or trend in contemporary ceramic art that they are interested in. They should also conduct free master-classes for other participants on molding methods, decorating, or firing techniques.
• During the Plain Air Session, participants should offer all possible help to the organizers in arranging work spaces, firing, and organizing recreational activities, tea parties, and so on.
• During the Symposium, there will be a market for selling own works, so participants can bring their works for sale.

Selection Competition

In order to take part in the Competition, all candidates should email a completed application form, artist portfolio (either a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation or 8-15 photos in the JPEG or PDF formats), and their own photograph to Maximum size of a photo is 1.5 MB.
If you have any questions, please contact the organizers by the same email.
Application deadline is February 28, 2019
The organizers will notify the candidates about the results of the competition by email not later than March 15, 2019.
Organizers will provide:
1. For the participants of Symposium:
• Transfer: Irkutsk-Khuzhir-Irkutsk
• Accommodation for 14 days in a tourist camp. Offered room types: triple room, shower and village-style toilets on the premises.
• Breakfast and dinner.
• Hot tea and coffee will be offered during the Symposium.
• Work materials: clay - 30 kg, glazes and pigments. Participants should bring their own instruments.
• A one-day trip to Cape Khoboi on Olkhon island.
• One night in a hostel in Irkutsk after the Symposium.
• A tour of the historic part of Irkutsk.

The expenses of the Symposium participants:

1. Air or train tickets to Irkutsk and back
2. Lunches (there are a lot of cafes in the village or possible to buy food and cook)
3. Organizing fee for publishing the catalogue is 3.000 roubles
4. Other excursions on the island (optional)
5. Travelling with the family members. You can ask the organizers about all costs for family members. You should also inform the organizers about how many family members you want to take, in order to book them transfer and accommodation.

Expenses of Participants of the "University" and the “Residence” Projects:

1. Air or train tickets to Irkutsk and back (2200 roubles);
2. Accommodation and meals are at your own expenses.
3. Organization fee for the participation is 12000 roubles
- 15 kg of clay, glazes and pigments;
- burning all your work;
- diploma of participation
- branded apron
All information about accommodation and meals can be found on the website in the section "University" or can be sent by email on request.