International Art project


Russia, lake Baikal, Olkhon island, Khuzhir village

phone in Irkutsk (Russia)


June-August 2019

We invite senior art college students studying Artistic Ceramics to participate in the Artistic Plein-Air “Baikal-CeraMystica. The University”.

We invite professional and non-professional artists take part in a creative RESIDENCE at Baikal.


The Irkutsk Regional Community-Based Organization “Creative Association of Ceramic Artists”


senior art college students studying Artistic Ceramics,  professional and non-professional artists;


Lake Baikal, Olkhon Island, Khuzhir Village.


June 28 - July 12, 2019 (in the framework of an international symposium)
July 15 - July 30, 2019
2 - 16 August 2019.

Project Goals and Objectives:

To create a platform for unleashing artistic potential of ceramic artists of different skill level and proficiency.
To create original ceramic works.
To facilitate the exchange of cultural, world-view, and artistic experiences.
To facilitate the exchange of professional experience among artists representing different schools of ceramic art.
To help project participants expand the limits of opportunities and gain professional skills.
To apply and reconsider traditional technologies of the ceramic craft in order to create modern ceramic works.
To try unique firing techniques for creating works of art: raku firing, reduction firing, barrel pit raku.
To facilitate informal networking among project participants.
To get inspired by Baikal and the nature and have an artistic vacation.

Time Schedule:

Participants of the first season:

June 28 at 10.00 - departure from Irkutsk to Khuzhir from the railway station or airport, depending on the arrival and arrival of participants. Arrivals after the scheduled time will go to Khuzhir independently of the Irkutsk bus station;
Departure from Khuzhir - July 12 at 10.00.

For participants of the second and third seasons:

transfer Irkutsk-Khuzhir departs from the bus station at 10, 12, 14 and 16 hours. We will reserve a place for you in the transfer, depending on the time of your arrival in Irkutsk, respectively, on July 15 or August 2.
Departure back to Irkutsk, respectively, July 30 and August 17.

For information:

the distance Irkutsk-Khuzhir is 300 km, the road Irkutsk-Khuzhir takes from 5 to 7 hours by shuttle bus, depending on the queue for the ferry. When buying a return ticket for a plane or train, keep this in mind.

Remember to bring warm clothes to the Baikal: a warm jacket, warm pants, sweatshirt, raincoat, hat, and covered sport shoes or boots.