Международный художественный проект


озеро Байкал, остров Ольхон, пос. Хужир

Телефон в Иркутске


июнь-август 2019

Project Organizers:

• Creative Association of Ceramic Artists
• Curator of the project: Tatyana Eroshenko
• Technical Project director: Sergey Purtian
• Coordinator: Elena Nosova
• Technical Project Assistant: Urman Karazhanov

Supported by:
Presidential Grants Fund.

Social networks:


Project Partners:

• Union of Russian Artists, Irkutsk Branch
• Museum studio of Irkutsk Regional Museum of Local Lore
• The Belikov Manor, Khuzhir
• Patriot Foundation
• Ceramics and Pottery Studio “Terracotta Elephant”, Irkutsk
• Travel Time Publishing, Irkutsk
• Ceramister.ru Co.
• Laboratory of ceramics Co.
• Ceramistam.ru Co.

Goals and Objectives of the Baikal-CeraMystica Symposium:

Expansion, development and improvement of interethnic and international cooperation;
Exchange of cultural, world-view, professional and artistic experiences between ceramic artists of different schools of ceramic art;
Introduction to the global practices of holding symposia on ceramic art;
Enhancement of development of contemporary ceramic art in Russia;
Creation of ceramic works of high artistic value;
Search and application of new technologies in ceramic art;
Application and reconsideration of traditional technologies of ceramic craft for creation of modern ceramic works;
Forming of public and cultural interest to Irkutsk city and Baikal region;
Popularization of Baikal Lake with the help of the works of leading ceramic artists of Russia;
Attraction of public attention to the contemporary ceramic art.

Location: Irkutsk region, Lake Baikal, Olkhon island, Khuzhir village

Project Activities:

- Symposium on Ceramic Art on Lake Baikal – from June 28, till July 12, 2019.
- An exhibition in Khuzhir from July 11, till August 25, 2019.
- An exhibition in Irkutsk from September 1, till September 30, 2019.
- A mobile exhibition of ceramic works in Irkutsk region.
- Edition of the catalog.
Time Schedule of the International Symposium on Ceramic Art «Baikal-CeraMystica» – 7th Season:
June 28, 10:00 am – Departure from Irkutsk to Khuzhir from the Railway Station or from the airport;
June 29 to July 10 – Symposium
July 11 – Wrap up exhibition in Khuzhir
July 12 – Departure to Irkutsk.
July 13 – Walking excursion in Irkutsk
July 13 – Departure
September 1 – September 30 –exhibition in the Museum Studio of the Irkutsk Regional Museum of Local Lore.

Recommendations about the list of necessary things

Remember to bring warm clothes: a warm jacket, warm pants, sweatshirt, raincoat, a hat, and closed sport shoes or boots. The weather on Baikal is unpredictable – it can be windy and rainy and cold, and can be very hot and sunny.