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озеро Байкал, остров Ольхон, пос. Хужир

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июнь-август 2019

Pass it on...

A. Einstein

The seventh Symposium on ceramics "BaikalCeramystica-2019" marks an important milestone in the history of Baikal symposia: the project now has a permanent address and its own roof over its head (or rather, a dome). And this is encouraging, because from year to year the project has been expanding, changing its format, transforming, so the construction of the main ceramics workshop is quite a natural stage of development of one of last decade’s brightest cultural initiatives of Pre-Baikal Region.
It should be noted that, despite various difficulties (with the support of sponsors, partner, state or just friends), the project withstood the marathon of seven years with flying colors. But what’s going to happen next? Will there be success in future? Should the project expand to the west? Should the youth be involved? Such questions arise spontaneously after years of observation of the course of its development.
Now it is a living creature, a beloved child of Irkutsk ceramics artists. And, like any child, it requires some constant attention and care...
The goals set by the organizers are slowly but surely becoming achieved. The range of people acquainted with the ancient art of ceramics and pottery has already increased. The ancient rich history of the region has been lost under the influence of social cataclysms. Only a few regional museums have unique ceramic collections that barely have any publicity these days.
Another difficult task facing the project is the development of new technologies in different types of firing. Several types of roasting have been tested and accepted at BaikalCeramystica during the development of the project. These are the regular gas firing, reduction and Raku firing. The third type is of the greatest interest, both among experts and the amateurs; it has gained immense popularity around the globe and became a competition for traditional woodfiring.
Thanks to annual meetings, the Baikal Symposium has many friends from all over the world. This is not only fellow artists, but also just fans of pottery. Integration into the global "ceramic" community has begun. Dozens of artists from different parts of the world have visited the distant and mysterious Siberia: they left a piece of their soul here, shared their talent and got a piece of our love in return. Is not this the main inspiration for creativity - live human communication, which is not a subject to distance?
The peacekeeping mission of the project is supported by the state’s cultural policy, which is important in the current political situation in the country and the world as a whole. Historically, Siberia was, is and will be a bridge between Western and Eastern civilization. The dialogue of cultures is resumed in the post-Soviet space and, hopefully, will go on in the future.
Coming back to the beginning of the conversation, it is necessary to identify the issue of creating a Museum of modern ceramics in Irkutsk. The workshop is already there, now it is the time for a special exhibition center equipped with all the necessary equipment. Today BaikalCeramystica Foundation has more than a hundred works of high-quality ceramics, created during the entire period of the Symposium and which deserves to be presented at a proper Museum and exhibition level.
Baikal ceramics-2020. To be continued?...

Julia Bashinova, art critic, Irkutsk