Международный художественный проект


озеро Байкал, остров Ольхон, пос. Хужир

Телефон в Иркутске


июнь-август 2019

In 2019, the project "Baikal-CeraMystica" received the support of the Presidential Grants Fund, and we created a ceramics residence on Olkhon island. This is the result of a lengthy way, during which much has changed, but the unchanging goals and mission of the project remained: professional communication with the brothers -in- shop, creating art works from ceramics, moving forward the art of ceramics in Russia, especially in Siberia, the appearance of Russian ceramics on the international creative arena and the strengthening of friendship between peoples and Nations.
Each participant of the project, creating his/her innovative work, selects the most suitable firing technology for his/her work. Someone uses all the possibilities of the creative platform in one work, someone experiments with a new kind of raku firing, someone works in a familiar technique, someone who impressed with lake Baikal’s views is open for new images, forms and technologies. Every year I am surprised how could we have achieved so lot together in a short time, how many beautiful works have been “born“ again here on the Baikal. All this happens thanks to the professionalism of the participants, coordinated work of the project’s team and, for sure, thanks to the help of Baikal spirits.
Firing is the most important part of any ceramic project, otherwise there will be no completed works. The careful attention to each work, long-term experience with furnaces and raku firing technology, almost round-the-clock duty have insured the technical Manager Sergey Purtyan and his assistant UrmanKarazhanov to fire absolutely all works and to avoid defects during the firing and finally to help realize the designs of the participants.
To date, the project has gained popularity and reputation around the world not only of professional, but also welcoming Symposium, where every year artists from various parts of the world, who would like to express their thoughts in the language of ceramics, work side by side, teach and learn, share their experiences,thoughts and philosophy, become close friends, brothers and sisters. This is the most important result of all art projects.
I thank all participants of the seventh Symposium "Baikal-CeraMystica" for sincerity and openness, for enthusiasm, for friendship, for ability to ignore shortcomings, for the highest professionalism and modesty, for love to art of ceramics, for unique works which you have left In the Fund of the project.
I thank the project team and all those who have helped to realize the project: Sergey Purtyan, UrmanKarazhanov, Lydia Los, Svetlana Shubnikova, Elena Nosova, Daria Evstropova, Irina Trusova, Dmitry Khokhlovkin, Alexey Krivel, Julia Bashinova, Elena Kabunova, Elena Kiseleva, Alexey Bykov.
I thank my family for their strong support and assistance: my daddy Alexander Eroshenko,my mom Lyudmila Eroshenko, my dear sister Inga Kolesova and my nephew- Anton Kolesov.
I thank the sponsors and friends of the project for their contribution to the construction of the residence: Tatiana Herman (Angry Potter school), Nikolai Smirnov (company "Accent-ceramics"), Sergei Domnitsky (company "Ceramistam.ru"), Raisa Lobatskaya, Larisa Abrosimov, Yury Nemerovsky, Ales Migas, Elena Mikhaylik, Sergey Stupin and Tatyana Romantsova, Elena Krasnova and Aleksander Krasnov, Dmitry Khokhlovkin, Tatyana Muzitskaya, Ivan Dyrkin, Elizabeth Kurochkina, Inna Rogova and Natalia Korchemkina, the Belikovs family, and the others.
I thank the artists who sold or were ready to sell their works to the residence Fund: Nastya Charina, Alena Zalutskaya, Alena Andreeva, Urman Karazhanov and Natalia Kachur, Tatiana Kleshnina, AgniaKozhukhova and Ivan Shavykin, Anna Kapyrina, Victoria Torskaya, Anna Kupriyanova, Anna Slobozhanina, Ekaterina Bazlova, Irina Rakova, Alexei Pisarchuk, Maxim Nageikin, MarikaAkilova.
I thank everyone who has purchased our ceramics and the ceramics of our friends, supporting the project of creating the residence on Olkhon island.

Tatyana Eroshenko, art director of project Baikal-CeraMystica