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Russia, lake Baikal, Olkhon island, Khuzhir village

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June-July 2016

Two large-scale events in the sphere of Applied and Decorative Arts for professional ceramic artists and art school students from Russia and abroad. Both events will be held on Lake Baikal at the Mobile Studio Facility equipped with all the necessary instruments and resources for implementing artistic ideas and creating ceramic works. This is a great opportunity to create unique works of art and share knowledge, skills, and technologies. It is also a chance to talk to likeminded people, recharge oneself with positive creative energy, get unforgettable experience, and achieve artistic and professional growth.

The unique nature of Lake Baikal and unforgettable atmosphere of Olkhon Island.

Ceramic artists from different countries. Representatives of different schools of Artistic Ceramics.

Mobile Studio Facility equipped with all the necessary stuff for creating ceramic works.


International Art


June 20 — July 4 2016

Educational and Artistic Plain-Air


June 20 — July 4 2016

Project participants are professional artists from around the world who work in the field of Artistic Ceramics and Folk Art. This Project is supported by the Ministry of Culture of Russia and Ministry of Culture and Archives of the Irkutsk Region. Artists wishing to take part in this Project shall go through a selective competition. One work of each project participant shall be granted to the Project Foundation.

Application now

Application deadline is April 5, 2016.

Project participants are senior art college students studying Artistic Ceramics . Maximum number of participants – 10 people. Participation in the project at their own expense. Students willing to take part in this project must pass a competitive selection process. All work participants can take with them. University lecturers - participants of the International Symposium

Application now

Application deadline is April 5, 2016.


  • Symposium on ceramics! These words sound like music, like a signal for action to ceramic artists! Create, mold, and talk! Thank you, dear organizers!
    Elena Krasnova, Russia, Krasnoyarsk, The participant of symposium 2015
  • It was my first experience abroad, and it was a dream. In this dream, people who I met with were very friendly and considerate. Firstly, I want to thank my teacher, Assistant Professor Şirin Koçak Özeskici who gave me this chance. At the same time, I want to thank all the artists and Tatiana Eroshenko for their teaching about and guiding in the art of ceramics.
    K. Seçkin Aytaç, Turkey, student, The participant of symposium 2015
  • Taking part in the Baikal-CeraMystica Symposium means not only new friends, new professional experience, and two weeks of artistic work. First and foremost, it is unforgettable feelings that will come to mind again and again.
    Valentins Petjko, Latvia, The participant of symposium 2015
  • My impressions of Baikal and the Symposium are bright, warm, but a little sad, because everything went so quickly. The idea behind the Symposium – to unite artists from different countries representing different artistic schools – is fantastic. The final exhibition was a testament to it. It was interesting and diverse, “for any taste”, so to say. I was surrounded by beautiful, wonderful, and talented people. Big thanks for that. I would like to particularly thank Tatiana and Sergei for the organization of this holiday for the soul.
    Irina Chirikova, Russia, Moscow, The participant of symposium 2015
  • When I was preparing to go to the Symposium, I guessed that everything would be great and interesting. I never expected it to be so to such an extent. When such wonderful people get together in such a fantastic place, the magic begins! The magic of art, the magic of fire, and the magic of human interaction. This amazing Baikal feeling does not go away. Just like a little fire, it warms the soul in busy Moscow. I bow low to Tatiana, Sergei, Lyda, and all the others who have brought this project to reality! Thanks to the artists, I was lucky to work with side by side. Thank you all for this invaluable experience.
    Elena Mizgireva, Russia, Moscow, The participant of symposium 2015
  • Artists from Russia, Mongolia, Ireland, Spain, Japan, Latvia, and Turkey created unique works of art and shared knowledge, skills and technologies. Each artist gave a master class during the symposium, and it helped develop international cooperation and facilitate cultural, professional, and creative exchanges among ceramics artists. It was one of the best symposia in the world that I ever participated in – with special master artists and the wild beauty of Lake Baikal, Olkhon Island, and Khuzhir Village. Thank you for being there.
    Sirin Kocak, Turkey, The participant of symposium 2015
  • It was a unique and impressive experience for me. I was very happy to meet and work side by side with such cool artists. I fell in love with them with my whole heart. Big thanks to the organizers of this Symposium – Tatiana, Sergei, and Lyda – for giving me this opportunity!
    Elena Nosova, Russia, Irkutsk, The participant of symposium 2015
  • The opportunity to attend the 4th International Symposium “Baikal CeraMystica” was an awesome experience. I enjoyed my time on Olkhon Island in Lake Baikal, and I will miss all those who allowed me to learn and discover an exceptional place to share different ceramic experiences with exceptional and wonderful people during my stay at CeraMystica.... I want to thank you for the efforts of the organization, effectiveness, warmth, and delicacy in personal dealings. Also, thank you for the fantastic opportunity to discover this magical and peaceful place. Again, thank you for everything ... It was great!
    Maria Bosch, Spain, The participant of symposium 2015
  • I am delighted with the enthusiasm and resilience of the Symposium’s organizers. They selected a great and diverse group of participants. It is with great tenderness that I remember each one of the co-participants of CeraMystica. I wish everyone a long artistic life!
    Evgeniya Kudrina, Russia, Moscow, The participant of symposium 2015
  • Lake Baikal is a unique place that I have never been before. With its unique nature and atmosphere, you feel free and relaxed. This freedom affects your work. My Works are massive, yet looking light, sculptures. Growing up in the Mediterranean, it is not surprising that history had a huge influence on me. Most of my inspiration I draw from ruins and historic buildings. My sculptures remind us of something timeless and everlasting, almost like an enduring evidence of the long forgotten times.
    Ismet Yuksel, Turkey, The participant of symposium 2015
  • My time spent on Olkhon Island in the magical Lake Baikal was an extraordinary experience for me. The clear air, unusual landscape and the lovely, friendly and talented group of fellow artists made my time there very special and one I will never forget. A unique experience - thank you to everyone involved in making it such a special one.
    Jane Jermin, Irland, The participant of symposium 2015
  • My international ceramic family! Thank you all for your talent, bravery, artistic experiments, and understanding. Thank you for your ability to materialize your artistic ideas in such a high-quality and professional manner while working in somewhat extreme conditions. Thank you for your fantastic works that you presented to our CeraMystica. I love you all and hope to meet you somewhere on our big planet.
    Tatiana Eroshenko, Russia, Irkutsk, The participant and organizer of symposium 2015
  • It was the first time, when I was part of the international ceramics symposium, my first big experience outside of Turkey. The organizers were gentle and sympathetic. With their master classes, artists from all over the world led the way to show how to learn and experience clay better. Everything was very good. I want to thank my teacher Assistant Professor Şirin Koçak Özeskici. Thank you for everything.
    Tutku Meral, Turkey, student, The participant of symposium 2015
  • Thanks to the organizers of the Symposium for this fantastic and dreamlike event. Olkhon in itself is a place, where miracles happen. With Baikal-CeraMystica, these miracles started to happen in the ceramic works created at this wonderful plein-air.
    Dmitriy Khokhlovkin, Russia, Moscow, The participant of symposium 2015
  • Meeting like-minded folks is an extraordinary inspirational experience. After each Symposium, the circle of kindred spirits becomes ever wider, while the Earth – smaller. I am thankful to the Universe for the opportunities; to my family – for their powerful and reliable support; to my husband – for the joint creative and life flight; to my friends – for giving me back my faith, when I lose it; to my colleagues – for the love for ceramics; to art critics – for their professionalism and constructive critique; and to the participants – for your talent and openness. I love you!
    Tatiana Eroshenko, Russia, The participant and organizer of symposium 2012, 2013, 2014
  • Truly, I am very pleased to have an opportunity to participate along with extraordinarily talented colleagues from different countries in such a reputable international symposium as Baikal-CeraMystica. The beauty of Siberian nature, kind and hospitable soul of Siberians, warm-hearted artistic atmosphere of the Symposium, and, of course, unique works of my colleagues created at this festival have left unforgettable impressions. In particular, I would like to express my gratitude to Sergei Purtyan and Tatiana Eroshenko, the organizers and authors of this event, for their great efforts. I would like to wish everyone who took part in this Symposium all the best and great artistic success!
    Odma Uranchimeg, Mongolia, The participant of symposium 2015
  • Gifted people, a sacral and magnetic space, mystery of firings and unpredictability of results, and virtuosity of the Lords of the Fire. Behind it all is LOVE, while above it all and within it is Baikal. It is with deep gratitude I got both technological and spiritually-moral experience, useful from any perspective. Be open, unbiased, listen attentively, and Baikal will whisper with its coastal grass and amalgam of stones, bring on the wings of the stubborn winds, and yell out with the cries of fat seagulls a new plot. Listening to it, I created “Grandmother Katya of Olkhon”. Guys jokingly called it “Grandmother Katya – Teleport”. And who is going to teleport? Well, it is got to be me. I am closing my eyes and going back – the place pulls so strongly.
    Lyalya Galeeva, Russia, The participant of symposium 2014
  • Finally, after a long journey, we are on Olkhon, tired, happy, and with new friends! For two weeks, we were united by one tiny island lost on the huge map of Russia – the island, which, at the same time, is so big with its sky, surrounding “sea”, and unique Soul! We were happily creating things while curiously learning new infinities of individual ceramicity. It was so wonderful to wander on the island looking at shamans’ pillars, gather pretty stones on the shore, visit the islet of the Buddhist stupa, and just enjoy the beautiful nature! I was leaving this place sad and happy at the same time, feeling that now, on far away Baikal, there is an amazing place, which gifted you with such a big Happiness forevermore! It is a blessing to be a Ceramist!!!
    Artem Gorislavets, Kazakhstan, The participant of symposium 2014
  • I am incredibly happy to take part in the Baikal-CeraMystica Symposium! This is an astounding place, where fantastic people met, the might of nature and talent merged, and the soul was singing and creating... These two weeks will never escape from my memory. Thanks to the organizers who were deeply invested in this project and presented the joy of creation to so many good people!
    Natalya Golovkina, Russia, Kungur, The participant of symposium 2015
  • Baikal-Keramistika symposium is a good combination of all the best that can be in a ceramics symposium: great people and talented artists, good firings and beautiful nature. All that is needed for the artist creativity is on Baikal-Keramistika! Many thanks to the organizers.
    Julia Smirnova, Russia, The participant of symposium 2014
  • I am returning to our plein-air tents on Olkhon for the third time in a row. It often seems to me that I have not left this place for wintering in Irkutsk at all. Every time, it is very interesting to interact and work elbow to elbow with other artists. For me, every time the Symposium is done in one breath, while impressions from it inspire me during the whole winter.
    Lidia Los, Russia, The participant 2012, the participant and organizer of symposium 2013, 2014
  • Lake, island, clay ... Complete isolation and separation from the world is great! Inspirational Baikal, great people, wonderful symposium.
    Galina Lezhnina, Russia, The participant of symposium 2014
  • Baikal CeraMystic – a vivid experience and laid-back atmosphere against the backdrop of the unforgettable nature. This Symposium offers many things, because live interaction with fellow artists cannot be replaced by anything. Every participant is a discovery, while every master class is a new experience! I was pleased by the competent and well-thought-out organization of the project and the opportunity to experiment. For me, the journey to the Symposium is both a trip to magnificent Lake Baikal, a possibility to implement my ideas, and a meeting with my friends. Thank you to all of you!
    Julia Zueva, Russia, The participant of symposium 2013, 2014
  • On Lake Baikal, first of all, nature and all its phenomena have an influence. Then, of course, conditions for work, the overall situation and the organization are important at the symposium - and everything was perfect with it! I was skeptical at the beginning towards master classes, but in reality it turned out that I discovered something completely new or found useful details in the ceramics technique, and that was important. Thanks to everyone who was with me!
    Jurgita Jasinscaite,Lithuania, The participant of symposium 2014
  • As for me, Baikal-Keramistika is an exciting communication with friends – project participants, beautiful Baikal landscapes steeped in legends, interesting presentations and master-classes, camp-fire songs, good humor, mutual help and co-creation. Everything was at a high level – welcomong meeting, comfortable conditions for work and living, providing participants with an opportunity to fulfill their ideas and be helpful to others. Organizers – Tatiana, Sergei, Lida, Pasha, Ludmila Georgievna Eroshenko – for her incredible, interesting excursions of Irkutsk city, and all who helped them with this grace-filled work – endless gratitude. I sincerely wish the project creative longevity and prosperity !!!
    Tamara Krivo, Russia, The participant of symposium 2014
  • Baikal-Keramisika is a wonderful project. I would like to thank the project organizers, the project gives an opportunity to get to know other artists, their work methods and find out about new techniques. Watching presentations of participants and talking with art experts gives the reason for thought and a push to create new art works.
    Svetlana Uvarova, Russia, The participant of symposium 2014
  • Being in Baikal… Being in the country after 14 years that is missed and full of memories… Some unknown, some unusual, some well-known, some new… full of sense… observing the nature and the tradition… colorful believes… cheerful artists… creative ideas… various techniques… interaction, conversation, exchange and so on…
    Betul Demir Karakaya, Turkey, The participant of symposium 2014
  • The world is very huge. We are part of the nature. We must be humble. The nature of Baikal reminds me about that. There was strength. And the world is very small. We could meet at Baikal-CeraMystica. I did not feel the distances of the world. There was kindness. It is a beautiful memory. It is amazing! Thanks to all.
    Toru Kurakawa, Japon, The participant of symposium 2015
  • Time passes, but in the soul lives powerful impression – the Event has happend. Great Baikal, Olkhon, raku firings, scalding – all for the first time. I met wonderful artists and we became friends. Thank you all for organizing and hosting the symposium!
    Olga Skubchenko, Russia, The participant of symposium 2014
  • Working together with interesting and original artists is such a pleasure. I value each day that I spent in your company, and I hold dear our friendship. What is great is not just the practicality of what I have seen during this project (and it was quite practical!), but rather the fact that such a great team of amazing people, whom it was always very easy to get along and communicate with, got together.
    Lydia Los, Russia, Irkutsk, The participant and organizer of symposium 2015
  • Every symposium that you have atended is wonderful. And from each one you come back full of impressions, overgrown with new friends and new works. But here, on Baikal-Keramistika, I touched a miracle. I think that every one of us had left in this place a part of himself. And its a first symposium where I want to come back that much. To the magic place, to it's wonderful organizers. In this wonderful state of ease and happiness. Tanechka, Serezha, Lida and Pasha – thank you very much!
    Dmitriy Hohlovkin, Russia, The participant of symposium 2014
  • I would like to kindly thank the organizers of the Symposium for the incredibly engaging trip, the chance to meet beautiful and creative people, and the joy of sharing my skills and learning something new in master classes. There have been many wonderful discoveries, the knowledge of the type “I would never have thought that way”, fiery and austere magic and delight of the firings, excitement, joy, almost sacred awe, and beauty!
    Marina Sirotinskaya, Russia, Moscow, The participant of symposium 2015
  • Baikal-Keramistika is a wonderful project! Strength and inspiration of Baikal helped us all and me personally, I gladly accepted it. Also, t was wonderful how we supported each other, how we cheered for everything! It felt like I came back home. I participate in other international ceramics workshops, but Baikal workshop is always in my heart. I left a part of my heart on Lake Baikal! However, I had taken a lot with me: lots of impressions, socializing with good people, mood, and reflection. Thank the universe and all of us!
    Olga Semashko, Belorussia, The participant of symposium 2014
  • I was glad for all the communion, and I think that for every artist, such a start is a terrific and joyous spiritual holiday! I would like that every artist could have an opportunity, maybe even at one’s own expense, to be so lucky as to live in such a unique and creative atmosphere. Answering to a question about what this Symposium gave to Tatiana, she said: “Ability to concentrate and produce a result within a short period of time and get a good impulse. Not everything worked out well, but I lived through this life inside myself and created something new”. Thank you to everyone who was beside me, to all those who filled me with a noble spirit of collaborative creation!
    Tatiana Obukhova, Russia, The participant of symposium 2014
  • Lake Baikal and Olkhon Island is a natural environment, was clean and a quiet place away from the noise. It must be the reason of Baikal-СeraMystika symposium held here There are many things to be inspired. The symposium was organized very well. Artists involved in the project were professional in the field. There was a warm and friendly atmosphere in the working area. Work area and the environment was perfect. I have learned different firing techniques such as Obvara technique, reduction firing, saggar firing. The symposium has been very creative and productive time. I met very good friends. Thank you very much for everything.
    Seyhan Ilmaz, Turkey, The participant of symposium 2014
  • This Symposium went just like one breath. Very different artists came here. I could learn from each one of them. The atmosphere was quite creative. Thanks to the organizers of this project for creating such a warm environment.
    Svetlana Shubnikova, Russia, Angarsk, The participant of symposium 2015
  • Symposium is my magnet, my lighthouse – attracts and shines. My creative growth. Here is my second education. My possibility of searching. Here the heart opens to the nature, and the nature is magic here, it will enspire you for long time. Some little invisible part of me had stayed at the island forever. Tania, Serezha, Lida, Pasha and all the others – it's great that Baikal-Keramistika exists!!!
    Anna Kvasova, Russia, The participant of symposium 2012, 2013, 2014
  • For me, the 2015 Symposium went all in one breath.
    Andrei Polyanitsa, Russia, Irkutsk, The participant and organizer of symposium 2015

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